Prompt 3: Find A Focal Point?

For this prompt we will be finding a focal point. The theme is concentration. An example of this is shown in Peej’s work, the bamboo plant is her subject, the leaf is her focal point. What do we notice when we concentrate on one object, emotion, or person. The guest artist for this prompt is Peej Lankford. Peej has been involved in art for many years and belongs to two Mixed Media Art groups.

The following are Peej’s thoughts on the process: “The focus prompt helped me to slow down and be more deliberate in my choices of products and subject matter. It caused me to think of the process of vacuuming the living room. When I vacuum I pick up all the small unwanted bits and pieces,leaving the large surface visible. Focus is the reverse of my vacuum example, with focus you leave behind the large stuff to observe the small particles (details). Your concentration causes you to see and understand the relationship between the large picture and the small parts, as you focus on one piece of the whole.”

Peej’s Technique Steps for her Journal Pages:

1. Prepare spreads:use either tissue tape or painters tape to cover the seams between pages; then gesso .
2. Glue assorted scrapbook papers with gel medium and seal with gel medium.
3.  Stencil randomly with white paint to tone down the background paper.
4.Using light weight mixed-media paper cut one large piece for drawing, and one smaller piece for focal point and coat papers with gesso.
5.  Sketch, Paint background and details using Tim Boltzmann distress stain, intense pencils using ranger water brush. When dry do detail work with black fine tip uni-ball pen. Attach pieces to spreads.
6.  Shade and do assorted markings with a pencil…add washi tape and additional stencils.
7.  I kept the mixed-media detail work (marking, outlining and shadowing) to a minimum in order to reflect the restrained color palette and theme.








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